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    TERMS AND CONDITIONS will control the products we provide and that your message at this website. If you agree to ordering a product, you agree that you will be bound by the laws mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.


    In these Terms and Conditions:

    a) "Account" means the account should you register on this website if you want to make a reservation at this website;

    b) "Letter of Receipt" means evidence that we have received your order via email;

    c) "Abuse Liability" means the terms will be explained in 10:11(b) inside these Terms and Conditions;

    d) "Business Day" means a day other than day-to-day: that it (i) Saturday and Sunday, or (ii) National Holiday Indonesia;

    e) "Booking Confirmation" means the e-mail to you, where we stated that we have received your booking 4.9 inside to comply with these Terms and Conditions;

    f) "Contract" means ordering a product or products you that we have received under these Terms and Conditions are also following the provisions of 4.9 under the Terms and Conditions;

    g) "Purchaser" means the individual who placed orders on this website;

    h) "Liability" has the meaning given in Clause 10:11(a) the Terms and Conditions;

    i) "Reservation" means the order you have placed on this website is to buy a product from us;

    j) "You" means the Buyer booking reservations;

    k) References to "provision" means a reference to the provision of these Terms and Conditions;

    l) The title is used for ease of reference only and should not affect the construction and arrangementof these Terms and Conditions;

    m) The planting of words in the singular also include the words in the plural and vice versa. Planting of words in the form of sex also includes all genders and references to people as well as individual, film , corporation, firm and partners;

    n) References to words such as "include" or "also includes" and expressions like have infinite meaning.


    These Terms and Conditions including the creation of Rights contains rights which are owned copy rights, when so used the announcement or multiplication by a third party - even if only partially - for commercial purposes that include the sale of products or services - are not permitted. Common violations of this law may be subject to sanctions in accordance with laws and regulations.


    To place an order with COconut Island, your age should exceed 18 years and have a credit card or debit card issued by a bank valid that we receive.



    These Terms and Conditions apply to all orders and contracts which have been or will be made by us for sales and product inventory. When you place an order with us, give instructions for the shipment or accept delivery goods, these things stating that you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall affect the rights that you have by law (including your right to ensure that the products you buy should match those described, in accordance with the purpose and satisfactory quality).


    Terms and Conditions will remain in effect over the provisions of your proposed. Any conditions that you submit, input or ser proposed in any form and in any time, although both in written form, oral or electronic mail, will be exempted and excluded not will affect the enforceability of these Terms and Conditions.


    Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will not be affected by the provisions and other changes unless approved by us and only applies where such changes have we signed in the form of a written text.



    When making reservations, you must make account by registering on this website as stated in the terms and provisions of this 13 term and you must fllow the instructions on how to order and how to change the things you want to order before you submit to this site that has been we put on this website.


    Regardless of the price before you ever see or har, when you have an order for a product, this website will show you the amount you pay includes tax, if imposed, as well as delivery charges that may apply. Unless stated otherwise on this website, all prices stated apply denominated in Rupiah (Indonesia) and Dollar USA 4:11 Just as the provisions below, this is the total price you will pay and who will pay for the goods listed in the proof of your order.


    Each time you make a payment, such payment is full payment you can do to provide credit card or debit card issued from a bank institution that we recognize or you can choose to pay via PayPal, we will need to order process you,


    When you are prompted to payment card data, you have the right to use the account or card. Card or the account must have sufficient funds to pay the fees we charge for your reservation.


    You must ensure the correctness off all the data you provide to us to purchase a product from us, and you also must ensure that the credit card or debit card, or account or other payment method you choose is your own property and funds you enough in it to pay the fees we charge for the product you are booking a message. We have the right. to obtain authorization for your payment data before we gave you purchase products you buy.


    When you place a reservation on this website, you agree that have obligatiopn to comply with the Terms and Conditions are valid on the date of your purchase. You are responsible to check the latest Terms and Conditions each time you make a reservation.


    Your order will still be offered until you receive confirmation booking evidence, and also when we receive notification that you cancel your reservation.


    We do not have the obligation to deliver products to you before we receive your order. Unless we have stated that we have received your reservation, then e-mail, letter, fax or letter receipts of us only have the purpose of the giver of knowledge and is not accompanied by the confirmation booking. In Letter Receipts, we can give you reference number for your order and the details about the product that you ordered. In our discretion, we may reject your order over any reasons, including lack if because unavailability of stock or we can offer products alternative (where we first have to first put your re-booking)


    The contract will be formed and we will be bound in general to submit your reservation if we have received your booking. Acceptance occurs when we have stated that we receive your reservation via e-mail that we send to you, in the form of dicuments called "Confirmation of Booking" which would state that we accept your booking. Confirmation of booking we will take effect immediately after being sent by us. Without giving effect to the obligation to fulfill your payment to us, we may send you a bill to you at any time after we receive your booking. Until the time when we accept your booking, we reserve the right to refuse your booking and you have the right to cancel your reservation. If we or you have canceled your reservation before accepting the booking, we will refund your payment or a company that has a credit card and debit card payments you make to your booking it.


    Only the products listed on the Booking Confirmation to be bound by the contract. We have no obligation to send you the items that may be part of your booking until we send the Confirmation Booking concerned with these items.



    We aim to product will send you to the shipping address you specify.


    We will aim to send our product within the time predictedand indicated at the time of your order (and when we send you a booking confirmation) but we cannot promise a certain day when you place a booking or when you receive a Booking Confirmation. We always aim to try to sendthe goods within 2 working days from the day of booking of goods, but we approve it, but we cannot guarantee the exact time of arrival time of the deivery of the goods.


    We aim to will immediately notify you if items will be late for your party rather than beyond the expected time. However, within the limits allowed by law, we have no responsibility for any loss, deficiency, cost, damage, or additional costs arising from late delivery.


    is currently your receiveyour product, you may be asked to sign a lette rof acceptance of the goods. You agree to inspect it fist to see if any damage, shortage, or errors before you sign the letter of acceptance order your item. You should keep your reservation receipt at a later date if needed later for a discussion with us about the product (-product) is.


    Please be advised of the possibility that we are unable to make deliveries to certain locations. If this is the case of this, we will teach use the contact information you provide to us when you make your reservation and we will immediately arrange cancellation of the booking, or advise delivery to addresses other alternatives.


    We will ship using our standard packaging. If you have a request for outside of our standard package, we can charge for the request.


    Ownership and any risk that a product will have to move its responsibilities transferred to you when you sign a letter as proof of receipt of goods you have received the product. Except for late delivery if the goods are due to breach of your responsibilities described by this Contract, risks will be moved to the date on which delivery of the goods have arrived. Limits specified in the legislation in force, from the time when responsibility for those risks transferred to your hands, we will not have any responsibility for loss or damage suffered by the goods after ownership changed product into your hands.


    You should be careful when you open up your stuff so you do not damage the goods especially when you use a sharp items.


    You must make sure that you can receive the goods you have ordered securely without delay and in time as we give.


    If you are unable to accept delivery of your reservation, we may soon leave the card to provide instructions for retransmission or taking goods from the carrier of goods that we appoint.


    If the delivery of goods or goods by your own decision as referred to above provisions is delayed 5:10 due to your refusal to accept goods that are not our fault, or if you do not (within two weeks from our first attempt to send the goods to you) accept delivery or the product picks from the carrier, we will (without affecting the rights or compensation for which we have) to do one or two of the following;

    a) Charging fees from you when you finally decide to take the goods for reasonable fees for items not picked up during storage and other costs that are appropriate for us to spend; or

    b) Make the item is no longer available for delivery or collection and we will notify you that we will cancel the contract that bound to the reservation. We will immediately return the money to you or to a company credit card or your debit card in accordance with the payment you have done according to the contract in question, with the exception refunded minus the administrative costs, (including the cost of our efforts to send and product return and storage csts that we mentioned in Clause 5:11(a) above.


    You received the product (-product) is standard and there is no promise from us that the product (-product) is your responsibility to ensure that product (-product) is adequate and will meet you and your needs. We are not sure that the product (-product) will meet your needs. You accept that the product (-product) is standard and is not promised to meet whatever needs you may have.


    Consumers are advised to follow the user guide is printed on the packaging.


    We may cancel the contract if the goods are not available. We will give you a notice to you if this is the case there are such conditions and we will refund all payments whatever you have done.


    Please visit our Privacy Policy is a part instead of the Terms and Conditions.



    Notice regarding Contract must be submitted in writting and can be delivered via personal delivery or by pre-paid mail delivery or via e-mail sent to the parties concerned or e-mail address of the relevant party last known by the other party.


    Notices sent by post shall be deemed to have been served two working days after the date of delivery if the recipient address in Indonesia. Via e-mail notification will be deemed to have served as an e-mail has proved acceptable to the receiving server. To prove such a service must be shown proof that the letter or e-mail addresses which have been put right, and included in such a case, sent a letter of transmittal or a pre-paid recorded delivery or sent or received the report.


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