With pleasure we provide a guide to help you shop our products through the website:

  • Select the item you want, then select the 'size' and select availabele 'color'. After that, the column 'Quantity' you can fill in the amount of goods you want to buy, the amount of information is available quantity items will appear when you select the item.

  • Once you have finished selecting the size, color and quantity, continue by selecting the 'buy', then you will see the following notification. For example: Success: You have added JLST75AB01 to your shopping cart!

  • Continue to click the 'shopping cart' in the upper right corner, then the details of your purchases will come complete with a photo of the goods, articles of goods, price, size, color, quantity and your total nominal.

  • Continue to click on 'Checkout', then you will see 'Options cashier' you are required to select 'Register Account' or 'Checkout For Customers' then click 'Continue'.

  • You are required to fill in your personal data name, contact phone number, email, shipping address and click 'Check Out'.

  • Then came the 'Delivery method', you can choose to use shipping on your order. The shipping fee will be listed in every type of delivery is available, then click 'Continue'.

  • In the 'Payment Method' payment option is available 3: Transfer via Bank BCA, Mandiri and Bank transfers through PayPal. Then click 'Continue'.

  • In the 'Confirm Order' will be listed every last detail of your order including total nominal expenditure, payment instructions, bank account number for payment processing. Once all the information contained in the 'Confirm Order' is in accordance with the items you want to buy then proceed to click 'Confirm Order'.

  • It will automatically display a notification:
    'Your order has been successfully processed!'

  • Once you do the 'Confirm Order', then you must make payment within 1x24 hours of receiving your doing 'Confirm Order'. If within 1x24 hours you do not make payments then the 'Confirm Order' you will automatically be deleted in our data.