• About Coconut Island

    What is Coconut Island website?

    Coconut Island site is an online store that provides brand Coconut Island to meet the lifestyle needs of men, women, and children. The products we offer are clothes and accessories.

    In which area of Coconut Island store?

    Coconut Island stores spread across major cities of Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Bandung and other cities

    Where does Coconut Island products come from?

    All products in Coconut Island from Indonesia products.

  • Purchase and Order

    How many steps to buy products on the site of Coconut Island?

    Go to

    Select category of product you want to buy. You can click on the desired product.

    On product page, select the size you want and click Buy to post items into a shopping bag.

    On product page, select the size you want and click Buy to post items into a shopping bag.

    You will be directed to the login / register. If you already have an account on Coconut Island., You can pick up. If you do not already have an account on Coconut Island, you can create one by clicking Continue.

    Column One


    Customer Data and Video Delivery. Fill in the details and the address to send your order

    Column Two


    Payment method. Select the desired payment method (cash on delivery, transfer to a bank account or a credit card).

    Column 3


    Confirmation Order Make sure the items you'll have a message in your favor

    On the next page (after login / register), you will find three required fields.

    On product page, select the size you want and click Buy to post items into a shopping bag.

    I want to know the details of my order status. How can it?

    Please contact our Customer Service and mention your order number. Alternatively, you can also use live chat on Coconut Island website.


    How is the payment methods will be accepted by Coconut Island?

    Coconut Island received two forms of payment :

    • Transfer via Bank

      You can pay your order by way of transfer to our account at Bank BCA. Detailed account number will be given when you have finished shopping and we will send you an email notification.

    • Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)

      Enter the card number and password (security code) in the column of your payment on the checkout page.

    I choose the payment method transfer to your bank account. How can it?

    You just need to make the transfer to the bank account numbers of Coconut Island. The purpose of this bank transactions is BCA

    Include your order number when making payment so that we can confirm your payment.


    A / C No


    A / C


    PT Warna Mardhika

    Office Address


    Jl.KH Zainul Arifin, Ketapang Lovely Complex Block No. B2 No 26 Jakarta 11140-Indonesia

    Your order will be processed once payment is received. If you do not make the payment within 48 hours, then your order will be canceled automatically.

    How do I enter the reservation number when making payment via ATM?

    If you use an ATM machine to pay, you can not enter the reservation number. Transfer facilities have the option to enter a serial number is a non- cash ATM, mobile banking and internet banking. Enter your order number in the news columns.

    For those of you who use the ATM machine to pay, you can confirm your payment by contacting our Customer Service.

    Do I need to provide confirmation after making payment via Bank Transfer, and how?

    Yes. You can confirm your payment through our Customer Service.

    I want to make transactions using a credit card I do. Is the transaction security guaranteed?

    We make sure that the transaction using a credit card on the site Coconut Island takes place safely. payment systems Coconut Island has been certified 128-bit SSL Encryption Security Certification provided by GoDaddy.

    You will see a padlock-shaped icon at the bottom of your internet browser. The icon indicates that your transaction security guaranteed at Coconut Island.

    My credit card was not accepted. What happened?

    Please you contact the bank that issued your credit card to confirm the status of your credit card.

  • Delivery

    How long will it take for the delivery of goods that I order?

    Once the transaction has been processed your payment, you can wait for the goods arrive within 7-14 business days.

    Could Coconut Island reach shipping orders out of Indonesia?

    Yes, Coconut Island can do overseas shipping freight customized and appropriate regulations listed in the destination country.

  • Delivery

    We do not accept returns and exchange goods for any reason.

  • Customer Service

    You can contact our customer service via three ways, namely



    6221-633 5352



    Live Chat


    When can I contact Customer Service?

    You can contact our Customer Service Monday-Friday 9:00 to 9:00 pm hours via phone and live chat.

    If you would like to contact Customer Service outside these hours, please send us an email.